Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paper Lines

Well Nikki and I finished the paper lines and they are one their way to the printer to be done. Very exciting!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Movies

Hello All,

New movie reviews for this week....

Sunshine Cleaning:
Stars Amy Adams and Emily Blunt as sisters who get into the business of cleaning up after dead people. Alan Arkin is the funny Dad who is trying to make money with get rich quick schemes and Oscar is Amy's little son to add some sweetness. Seems funny.... well it's a great little movie but don't expect a barrel of laughs. This is a deeper movie with plenty of tear jerking moments. Probably not for the dudes but the chicks should love it.
Rating:*** (I didn't think it was possible to love Amy Adams any more)

The Fall:
In Los Angeles, circa 1920's, a little immigrant girl, Catinca Untaru, finds herself in a hospital recovering from a fall. She strikes up a friendship with a bedridden man, Lee Pace from "Pushing Daisies", who captivates her with a whimsical story that removes her far from the hospital doldrums into the exotic landscapes of her imagination. What surprised me about this movie was I had little interest in the fairytale part. Usually with these types of movies the dream world is more fantastic but this one seemed to make little sense. I did however love the two main characters even if the story itself was flawed. I have to say a little about child actors from other countries. As much as I love Hallie Joel and Dakota most American child actors are simply that, acting. Watch the Devil's backbone or Cinema Paradiso. Just like this movie you forget they are acting because it is so natural. Not because they are so good at portraying emotions but because they act like kids. They pick at themselves when they talk, they act silly. Not so much adult drama. It's nice....
This isn't for everyone but if you seek out films that have interesting actors then this might be for you.
Rating:**1/2 (the half only for that ridonculous little girl)

The International:
I would tell you the plot but after seeing it I'm not sure I understood it or really cared to. The gist is a big bad bank is trying to control the world and killing anybody who gets in their way. People die, our heroes Naomi Watts and Clive Owen try to stop them.... do they succeed? Well the end isn't a big bow if you know what I mean.
Rating:*1/2 (Enough Hollywood with the downer movies for no good reason our lives suck enough without having to watch it too)

He's back folks, John Claude Van Damme. After years of becoming a mockery he comes back with this very unusal film. Independent and with subtitles it's about... well it's about him, sort of. He plays himself, down and out, fighting in court for his daughter he needs money. He goes to the bank and something goes wrong. I won't spoil it but I really liked it. Interesting and gave me hope that JCVD wasn't gone for good.
Rating:***(Don't expect kicks and punches)

That's all for now folks....

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Nikki and I had a great time scrapping the day away at Scrapapalooza!!! Scrapbook Generation was the store on site and they had some of Nikki Sivils papers. We even took a picture of a lady buying something from North Pole Nights.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Adam's Reception

My little brother got married a couple of weeks ago in Mexico so we had a little reception for him and his wife Paige. Here are some pics....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

American Idol!

Ok, Nikki and I went to see American Idol Live Tour Sunday night. HOW FUN!! She isn't as seasoned as me but I walked her through the process....hehehe check out the amazing pics!!!!!