Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Idol!

Well last night was the first night of the top 24. We started with the girls and typically this first night totally blows. Everyone is too nervous and last night wasn't too much different. Granted the girls are stronger this year but I'm not sure I saw a star in the mix. I did however see some potential in Didi, Crystal and Lily.

First I have to say I didn't get the judges problem last night. Didi did an amazing job with her song and they trashed her. WTF? She looked great, seemed very comfortable on stage and sang the crap out of the song. I don't get it sometimes. She sang the most current song and sang it well and that didn't seem to be enough for all of them. Crystal did her thing and although that wasn't my favorite performance from her she is still a top girl for me. Lily surprised everyone by doing an unknown Beatles song "Fixing an Hole" I literally screamed cause that happens to be one of my favorites! So bonus to her for pulling that off.

Tonight the boys try to knock it out of the park. Let's see who has it and who chokes.

Peace out yo!

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