Thursday, August 6, 2009


So I thought I would catch up on some movie reviews....

The Spirit -
Wow talk about missing the mark. Visually it was interesting and Scarlet and Eva looked great but the jump between serious and total camp was weird. Of course the biggest problem is that the leading man was not leading at all. I didn't care about him, I didn't care about his backstory, I plain didn't care. The dynamic between him and the villain Sam Jackson was super lacking. Plus did anybody get why he was Dr. Octopus? Waste of time.
* (watch if it is on TV and nothing else is)

The Haunting in Connecticut -
Set up, family has son with cancer they need to move to be closer to where he gets treatments so they take a house that is a real deal. Unfortunately it's a real deal for a reason. While I appreciated that this movie tried to have a real story and character development it just didn't seem to quite connect. I can't say I didn't like it but I didn't love it. I couldn't tell you any of the characters names and that isn't a good sign. There was a subplot with the drinking Dad that seemed put in for no reason. It didn't contribute in any way so I thought they should have cut it. Marks for some spooky moments and no bathroom moment with a medicine cabinet mirror.
** 1/2 (rent if you like Amityville)

Next -
What a perfect title! Next movie please! Ok, guy works in Vegas in a two bit magic act. Thing is isn't not magic, he can see two minutes into the future. In comes the FBI, they want him to do a little looky looky for them. Add Jessica Biel and you have a decent premise. I like Nick Cage but at no time in this movie did I look at Jessica B. and think she would give him the time of day for even a second, much less fall in love after a day. For me this kinda ruined everything else. Nick's hair didn't helped. He needs to call Sean Connery's guy cause I don't know what he was thinking in this. It's too bad cause I liked the idea and some of the effects. Better, hotter, leading man would have made this a hit.
** 1/2 (rent if you love Nick)

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