Monday, August 10, 2009

Sun and Movies


So I got 4 movies in the mail from Netflix this weekend so I thought I would catch ya'll up.

Transporter 3:
First I have to mention that I love Jason Statham. Second, I have to mention that I thought the first one was ok with a couple of great moments but not enough. Third, the second movie sucked with less great moments and not enough to warrant more viewings.
Transporter 3 is just like the others, same complaints I had with the first two. Lousy music with no drive through the action parts. LAME female leads that can't speak the language and have to be dubbed and a stupid plot. The chick in this is the worst. I guess she is eye candy but she keeps talking and sucks the sexy right off her. Jason PLEASE get a decent script and do a great movie you can be proud of!
Rating: ** (If you love Jason you will be forced to see this out of principle but you won't be happy)

Midnight Meat Train:
I've been wanting to rent this for a while. It stars Bradley Cooper who I just love. If you can't place the name he is the jerk in Wedding Crashers and the hot dude in the Hangover. I know him as Will from the first season of Alias. Horror movie starts out with Brad as an aspiring photographer who's live in girl gets him a shot at a big time gallery owner. The big time gallery owner Brooke Shields tells him that his work is good but he is just missing that one shot, you know right place right time. That night he is out looking for that shot. He ends up in a metro station and sees some guys harassing a girl. He takes some shots and THEN breaks them up. Sweet guy. She thanks him and gets on the train. Oh no it is a train of death and there is a crazy dude on there that beats you to death with -- you guessed it, a meat tenderizer. What you didn't guess that! Anywhooo what could have been a simple horror premise gets complicated and though it is creepy and super bloody the pay off was way lame.
Rating: ** (for Bradley and for the super oooz)

Madagacar 2 - Escape to Africa:
Simple did you like the first one? You'll love the second, funnier, cuter and better story.
Rating: *** (two words - Penguins Rock)

Death Note:
Japanese movie that again I happened across some time ago and am just now getting to see.
Great premise. Genius law student, Light, finds a book - "Death Note" inside are the instructions for use. You write someones name in the book and within 45 seconds the die of a heart attack. Very cool. Along with the book is a super creepy looking dude name Ruuk. He is a demon that kinda comes with the book and loves apples. Well said law student going by the code name Kira begins what he think is a cleansing of the city. Killing death row inmates and murders who get off. He must know their full name and be able to picture their face so as not to affect people of the same name. This comes into play when he needs to eliminate someone following him but darn it he doesn't know their name. How he finds out is pretty clever. Light's Dad just happens to be the lead police detective. Add another super genius "L" that is hot on his tail and you are in for a great ride. Clever and smart and great characters.
Rating: *** (Seek and find this great little gem)

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