Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Morning

Hello all,

Well I have another slue of movies to talk about so let's get started....

A Dark Place/ The Innocents
Well as chance would have it I rented The Innocents with Deborah Kerr Sat. and before I watched it I saw a little known movie called A Dark Place with Leelee Sobieski. Guess what, they are the same movie.... crap. Simple break down of the plot. Woman gets a dream job of being the Nanny to two little children. Their parents are dead and they live in the country home of their very wealthy uncle. He has no time for them so the Nanny is in total charge of Miles and Flora. This is the same in both movies. When they get to the country is where it splits into a good movie and into a horrible movie. Guess which one is crap... Leelee's movie was so bad I don't wish to discuss it any further so let's stay with Deborah. When she arrives she befriends the older woman who kinda runs the house. She soon finds out that the previous Nanny has died along with the house handyman. Deb starts seeing ghosts and things get progressively creepier. So, are the ghosts real? Are they there to hurt the children? Can she save them? The ending leaves you with more questions then at the beginning which can be good. If you like things tied up in a little bow like my Mother then you'll hate this. If you like old black and whites with good acting and creepy suspense then give this a watch.
Rating: **3/4 (Wish I could have seen this BEFORE the stupid Leelee version)

Ghost Town
Well sounds like another horror flick but actually it is a funny movie with some of my favs. Greg Kinnear is a playboy husband to Tea Leoni when he unfortunately dies. Enter snotty, off putting Ricky Gervais, dentist and basic rude human. After a little stay in the hospital he gains the gift to see dead people. They need favors and he wants none of it. Greg manages to gain his ear and wants him to break up the engagement of his former wife to some new guy. That's all you need to know. If you like any of the names above then you in for a good time.
Rating: *** (Funny, funny, funny)

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