Friday, July 17, 2009

Very exciting stuff

Well some of you know that I have been doing the graphic design for a new scrapbook company started by my good friend Nikki Sivils. I just wanted to post some pictures of our products in the store Scrapbook Generation located here in town. I can't tell you how giddy Nikki and I were when we went in to see the stuff actually in a store and selling! This has been an amazing opportunity for me and I just wanted to shout out to Nikki and Dan for allowing to take this ride wit them. It has been great so far and I know CHA will be a great success.

Check out our website to see all our super awesome products!


Nikki Sivils said...

Awe.... that was very sweet!! We are happy to be working with you too!! Its all very exciting!!

Conquest Keepsakes said...

Hey Heather, welcome to blogdom! I hope you have fun at it, I usually do as long as I am not typing after I've taken my evening meds. Those are doosies! Someone should take away my Mac after medicating. Really!

Have fun, I'll join and see what's going on. Someday I should get around to posting more on mine. HA!

Vicki Wiki