Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well I guess I had to start sometime...

Well I have finally given in and started a blog. Now I know what your thinking... it's about time! I can't imagine how I got along without your constant words of wisdom before. Ok, that might be pushing it a bit but anyway....

I feel slightly lost now that I'm pretty much done with design stuff for Nikki. She and Dan are working their tails off getting ready for the CHA show and I'm soooo excited. I actually went home last night and DIDN'T turn on my laptop. I watched 3, yes 3 movies last night. Sooo for you reading pleasure here are my reviews.

New in Town:
Cute, sweet, and Harry is a lot of man. Renee is funny and charming but the eyes and the pursed lips make me nuts. Watch this for the side characters - Blanche steals the show.
Rating - * 1/2 (rent)

Indiana Jones and the crystal something or other: (wouldn't 4 just have been easier?)
Well the beginning makes me want to turn away. They dubbed in Harrison's voice for some reason and it feels like a joke. There are a few moments that made me all giddy but for the most part I felt like I was watching something a film student put together. The jeep fight is awful... how fake! but the temple was cool and I like Mutt. Indy's fight scenes were actually pretty believable which for his age was a feather in his cap. I won't ruin the end but I looked around and thought "Where's Aston cause I have to be getting Punk'd" It's that dumb.
Rating - ** (mainly cause I'm a sucker for Indy but got back and watch 1 and 3 instead)


Wow, what to say... Well my husband loved it and if you know him that is saying a lot! Simple story, not a lot of twists that don't make sense. Dad goes and gets girl. Done. Oh and he kills pretty much everybody on the way. Awesome, finally someone who isn't conflicted about hurting bad people....paging Jason Bourne....
Rating - **** (watch and be ready for the ride)

So that's it for today....

Type to you later

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